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Название Исполнитель Заказать Время
Лондон Car Man Кар Мэн 5:23
How Deep Is Your Love Calvin Harris Disciples 3:33
TIC,TIC,TAC Chilly 3:44
Duri Duri Click 7:33
You Can Set Me Free Coo Coo 6:25
Simple A Love Song Chilly 3:03
Hunters Of The Night Chris Norman 3:35
Catch The Cat Cherry Laine 3:02
Manana Chicasss 6:49
Yellow River Christie 2:27
You're My Heart You're My Soul Creative Connection 6:43
My Black Lady Caeser 3:41
The Lament Of The Wind Crown Of Glory 6:44
The Lady In Red Chris De Burgh 4:18
Song For Angels Crimson Glory 5:16
Mirror Crematory 5:25
How Deep Is Your Love (Mix) Calvin Harris & Disciples 5:28
Midnight Lady Chris Norman 4:10
Flor D'Luna (Moonflower) Carlos Santana 4:48
And You My Love Chris Rea 5:20
I Put A Spell On You Creedence Clearwater Revival 4:31
Dont't Know What You Got Cinderella 5:19
Long Cold Winter Cinderella 5:26
Nobody's Fool Cinderella 4:49
Heartbreak Station Cinderella 4:29

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