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Название Исполнитель Заказать Время
Marooned Pink Floyd 5:30
Always On My Mind Pet Shop Boys 3:45
To Be Superman Pam'n'pat 4:23
Ciao Paula Evans 5:08
It's All Music Pam N'pat 3:35
Lady Lay Pierre Groscolas 2:47
Gelato Al Cioccolato Pupo 3:08
Should I Stay- Should I Go Patty Ryan- Systems In Blue 3:26
Stay With Me Tonight Patty Ryan 5:41
You're My Love, You're My Life Parry Ryan 4:21
Love Is The Name Of The Game Patty Ryan 3:35
One Summer Night In Moscow Patty Ryan Feat. Systems In Blue 3:28
Just Give Me A Reason (Feat. Nate Ruess) P!nk 4:03
Let Her Go Passenger 4:11
Why Pandora 4:45
Every Rose Has It's Thorn Poison 4:20
Time Paganini [Rock] 5:27
Bridge of Light Pink 4:05
Screaming For Your Love Paganini [Rock] 4:31
Hey You Pink Floyd 4:44
Glitter in the Air Pink 3:48
Undiscovered Dreams Pathfinder 5:00
Mon Mec A Moi Patricia Kaas 4:04
Elle Voulait Jouer Cabaret Patricia Kaas 3:59
Lazen Dango Paper Man 3:01

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